Toddler Class (18 months – 3 years)

The toddler years are an exciting time filled with intense learning, and this stage is critical to the development of personality and intellect. At Kidz Camp, we use the Montessori toddler curriculum to stimulate the growth of your child.

toddler using building blocks at Kidz Camp Montessori - Plano, TX

Our teachers provide a secure and loving space for toddlers to explore at their own pace. At this age, most kids are starting to strive for independence, so giving individual attention is a great help in meeting the needs of each child.

toddler setting the table at Kidz Camp Montessori School - Plano, TX

Classrooms for toddlers are scaled-down versions of adult homes, where they can learn to cook, sweep, and garden with appropriately sized materials. Other life skills, including using the toilet, are learned in a home-like atmosphere. These activities allow plenty of opportunity to develop both fine and large motor skills.

language learning center at Kidz Camp - Plano, TX

Language development is a key area to cultivate for this age group. Their ability to hear and comprehend, and then also to express themselves, is an emerging skill that is enhanced through activities, language cards, songs and stories. They also gain experience in functioning as a community member, where each member is respected.

Our amazing teachers will prepare your toddler for the next stage, which is the Preschool class.

Why Kidz Camp?

  • Excited Students
  • Happy Parents
  • Consistent Quality
  • Proven Educational Philosophy
  • Montessori Certified Teachers


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What Parents Say:

Definitely a good choice choosing our son to go to this school. We questioned it from a lot of different montessoris but at the end we made a very good decision here. All of our friends and family will also be sending there children here. Excellent staff and front desk people!

Hussain J

I transitioned my 4 year old daughter here from another daycare where she was unhappy. I chose this Montessori school because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere they gave as my first impression. And it has become even better since. Their focus is truly in the interest of the children, not doing it for the business as such. That is what makes the difference.

Anna M

This is a beautiful preschool embracing the essence of Montessori with fantastic teachers and facilities. My child comes home very proud with stories to tell of another exciting day. The facilities is renovated and everything is so clean.

Reju G

We are very happy with the school, teachers & the positive experience. Along with academics, extra curricular activities motivated kids & enjoyed it very much. Overall great experience for us.

Kennari S

We have seen incredibly positive changes in her skill levels and also her socialization with others. You have provided a wonderful educational and social environment for her, and we are quite pleased that Lily will remain with you until elementary school. We appreciate all that you do for our children, and count ourselves lucky to be part of the Kidz Camp family.


My daughter loves Kidz Camp Montessori and so do I! It has been an amazing experience. The staff and teachers are wonderful and extremely dedicated. My daughter has thrived during her time here and has gotten an excellent head start for kindergarten because of the hard work and dedication from her teachers. They are very nurturing and they know how to make learning fun!

Esther C